What is mothers-choice?

Mothers choice is a small home business that makes baby food.

I set it up due to the fact that I didn't want my little girl eating supermarket jars. We all know that we would rather make homemade than store bought but sometimes if you're out and you need to feed your baby then supermarket jars will do as a one off.

But in the long run I didn't want my little girl getting used to salt and sugar or 'E' numbers in her diet. The baby food is all about the natural way it was meant to be cooked.
Steamed vegetables, properly cooked meats... with nothing added. No flour or rice to bulk the food out. No additives to make the food last longer. The only thing I add is water to puree the food.

The food is like you made it yourself. But due to the lifestyles we all lead these days, we don't always have the time to do right all the time.

So that's why I provide this service.

I make homemade, fresh baby food and homemade, non organic baby food.

In a nutshell...


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Mother's Choice Ltd. Registered in England and Wales No.6170967
Registered Address: 11 Murray Street, Camden, London. NW1 9RE